Comfortable Hotels in Kaliningrad

Hotels of Kaliningrad from the Russian hotel chain HOTEL MARTON is the best option for visitors of the city coming here on business or for sightseeing. Kaliningrad is a developed business center that regularly participates at conferences and at seminars of heads of large business concerns and owners of small private companies. Besides the business focus, this area is notable for old German architecture attracting tourists from all over the world. That is why HOTEL MARTON concerns for the comfortable accommodation of the visitors and has tried to make its hotels not only very comfortable, but also available for the guests of any category.



Comfortable hotels in Kaliningrad on the network «HOTEL MARTON»
  • Str. Bolshevik lane.3



Comfortable hotels in Kaliningrad from the mains «HOTEL MARTON»
  • Ave Moscowski, d. 175

Kaliningrad Hotels: Selection Criteria

Choosing the most suitable hotels, the visitors pay attention to:

  • its location in the city;
  • service quality (feedbacks of other people visiting the chosen place of accommodation suggest this in an accessible way);
  • in-room amenities;
  • room rate.

The last points mentioned above play the most important role when people choose the hotel, as we all focus on our own income level and appraise our financial possibilities adequately. Prices in the hotels of HOTEL MARTON are quite affordable and don’t influence the living conditions and the service quality. Our clients get comfortable rooms with good repair and all necessary furniture at low costs, because the combination of low costs and maximum comfort is a basic policy of HOTEL MARTON.

Kaliningrad Hotels: Affordable Rooms, Conveniences and Service

Depending on purposes of the visit, number of visitors and financial possibilities, you are able to choose any room meeting all your requirements for comfort, size and price. If you travel alone, inexpensive single standard rooms are suitable for you. But in case of family trip or business trip with colleagues such room will be narrow and uncomfortable, so we recommend you to pay your attention to double business or luxury rooms.

Any place of accommodation you will choose, regardless of its standards of comfort, is equipped with all necessary things for comfortable living. Hotels of Kaliningrad from HOTEL MARTON is an indicator of quality of our hotel chain. In each room there are:

  • bathroom and WC;
  • satellite TV;
  • air conditioner;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • toiletries and other useful items and furniture.

Besides amenities mentioned above, you can use services of our restaurant and try cheap but very delicious dishes of the Russian or foreign cuisine or order something from room service for fancy dinner. Our responsive and professionally trained staff will fulfill all your needs and help solve all possible problems.

Feedbacks on Our Hotels

To be confident in the service quality and comfort of the rooms, you can read feedbacks of the city visitors who stayed in the hotels of HOTEL MARTON. All of them tell about a high level of service and comfort of staying in the rooms of our chain. The visitors of Kaliningrad pay special attention to such additional services, as:

  1. Free parking.
  2. Laundry and dry cleaning.
  3. Organization of Excursions.
  4. Rent for conference halls.

All these services allow to save time and money that you spend on the similar third-party services and to turn the economy trip into unforgettable and pleasant vacation.

Booking and Prices

The modern technology help tourists find hotels for their future trip and book them at the most favorable price in advance. If you cooperate with HOTEL MARTON, this service is free by phone or online. If you book a room in one of our hotels, you will be confident in price transparency and permanence until you arrive. So contact our managers and book a room you like in the best hotel in Kaliningrad.

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