Saunas at the Marton’s hotels in Kaliningrad: correct approach to rest

Excellent saunas are a bright feature of Marton hotels chain: The conception of pleasant and sound rest is realised in them. In sauna of hotel chain establishments it is possible not only to be warm oneself, but also to conduct a complete party up to 10 persons or romantic evening with darling.

Sauna in Marton’s hotel – is:

  • stylish interiors and convenient furniture made of qualitative materials supplying visitors comfort;
  • premises cleanliness and a good condition of the equipment ensuring safety of stay;
  • big spa baths by capacity up to 4 persons (for spa treatments);
  • the common rooms with billiards, games console, plasma screen and excellent sound for merry pastime;
  • services of professional massage promoting normalisation and relaxation;
  • opportunity order of narghile, drinks from bar and dishes from the restaurant of the hotel for satisfaction of all intentions of campers;
  • modern ventilation system supplying optimum rooms microclimate;
  • services of hotel level capable not only to satisfy any needs of customers but also to foresee guests’ possible whims.

Sauna of Hotel Marton is opportunity to conduct an interesting event in prestigious place for the very affordable. Monitor for actions closely: due to them high quality rest can more simply. Bathing complexes of Marton more closely resemble the hotel with sauna in room, so far as they comfortable. The bachelor party for guys and gals, second day of wedding, jubilee or even informal corporate party – any event will pass here on worthy level and with ultimate convenience.

Hotel Marton Olimpic offers sauna, and hotel Marton Palace offers Finnish and Russian bath. Guests of the hotel can visit our bathing complexes as well as and all inhabitants and guests of Kaliningrad. You can take advantage of Marton’s sauna services at any time, however try to book time in advance.

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