The krasnodar hotels from hotel marton - cheaply and comfortable for any person

Our employees servicing hotel complexes and hotels in Krasnodar are always glad to receive guests on cordial Kuban Land. At your service the best buildings, excellent finish, perfect furniture and sympathetic personnel, and you can settle at us at any time and without any red tape. Time, when in the city there were only a few hotels and to settle in them was a big problem, fall into oblivion.

Hotel complexes of the Marton’s hotel chain are allocated against a background of other city hotels by three main benefits for tourists, business and transit travellers:

  1. Price category (really inexpensive Krasnodar hotels — are about us).
  2. Unique arrangement (impressive choice of placement variants).
  3. Uprated standards of personnel training.

Price matters, or Comfort for reasonable money

We realize that penny saved is a penny got, and to overpay for services nobody wants. That is why bottom boundary of our price proposal is so attractive for the guests of our city. Krasnodar hotels cheaply offer practically all, but few maintain one’s reputation.

Benefit and in that we have no strict time of settlement – will get you night and day, at any time arrival to our city. And presence of hourly payment for number already long ago was evaluated by the people who are in Krasnodar in passing. Under such conditions our hotel in Krasnodar will come cheap for you, and forces and time will save mass.

And to be sure – discounts! Specially developed individual discount program for constant guests of HOTEL MARTON is called both to save your finances and to become the guarantor of our long cooperation. The main in the hotel — is customers, and we use the best efforts that this sensation at you does not disappear never.

MARTON Turgenev

MARTON Turgenev


  • Turgenev str., 19
  • Airport: 32 min., 18 km
  • Railroad station: 8 min., 3,6 km
MARTON Severnaya

MARTON Severnaya


  • Severnaya str., 91
  • Airport: 34 min., 18 km
  • Railroad station: 10 min., 4,7 km
MARTON Paszkowski

MARTON Paszkowski


  • Pashkovsky Av., Gogol str., 42
  • Airport: 7 min., 3,8 km
  • Railroad station: 35 min., 12 km



  • Rossiyskaya str., 61/1
  • Airport: 7 min., 3,8 km
  • Railroad station: 35 min., 12 km
MARTON Mira str 70



  • Mira str., 70
  • Airport: 41 min., 15,7 km
  • Railroad station: 25 min., 7,4 km



  • Machuga str., 44
  • Airport: 25 min., 10,7 km
  • Railroad station: 15 min., 4,4 km
Hotel Villa Mars

Hotel Villa Mars


  • Uralskaya str., 32
  • Airport: 24 min., 10 km
  • Railroad station: 15 min., 6,2 km
Hotel Villa Dias

Hotel Villa Dias


  • Aerodromnaya str., 63
  • Airport: 41 min., 17 km
  • Railroad station: 17 min., 5,9 km
Hotel San-Remo

Hotel San-Remo


  • Tihoretskaya str., 43
  • Airport: 28 min., 11 km
  • Railroad station: 16 min., 6,3 km
Hotel MARTON Baden



  • Industrialnaya str., 9
  • Airport: 37 min., 17 km
  • Railroad station: 6 min., 3,7 km
Hotel Villa Luna

Hotel Villa Luna


  • Sormovskaya str., 139
  • Airport: 14 min., 5,6 km
  • Railroad station: 25 min., 10 km
Hotel Villa Marton

Hotel Villa Marton


  • Tihoretskaya str., 45
  • Airport: 27 min., 11 km
  • Railroad station: 16 min., 6,3 km
MARTON Boutique & Spa

MARTON Boutique & Spa

  • ул. Длинная, 66

Shuttle service — round the clock

A leave of absence or mission begins just before arrival to hotel. Frequently on the way happens different troubles – from long search taxi to downtime in stoppers. Each our customer, his convenience and calmness, are very important for us. Therefore we offer you new service – shuttle service to HOTEL MARTON hotels on arrival. 24/7/365 the experienced drivers with pleasure will take you and your colleagues or relatives up to hotel.

Service turns out to the group from three and more hotel guests, on route “airport – hotel” and “railway station – hotel”.

Why it is needed to take advantage of our free shuttle service:

  1. You are insured with us from hit to unpleasant situations. We use only the most experienced drivers.
  2. We will welcome our guests in the airport or on the station. Our guests will have to not wander in search of taxi or the stop of public transport.
  3. We know the best, most convenient and short route – you will not conduct with us long hours in stoppers.
  4. We will help to feel the atmosphere of rest as far back as on the way and to save forces for future success.

Cost of the service: 800 rubles. on the city of Krasnodar

Free shuttle service to hotels in Krasnodar

Buffet style

Every morning (from 7 to 10 AM) of guests of the HOTEL MARTON waits for breakfast on system “buffet style” included to cost of residing.

Breakfast Buffet hotels in Krasnodar

7 reasons on which is worth to choose HOTEL MARTON


There exists at least 7 reasons on which all hotels of Krasnodar entering Marton’s hotel chain are worthy of your attention:

  1. The hotels are located in different district of Krasnodar, therefore any city visitor without dependence from the purpose of his stay, can find for himself a convenient variant located nearby to the key city objects.
  2. Cosy, light, pure and spacious rooms without dependence from price category and class.
  3. High-qualification of the personnel of each hotel. Always cultural, tidy and unostentatious, these people are ready to help you to make out in any arisen situation.
  4. In each hotel there is own cafe in which serve dishes not only of domestic, but also foreign kitchen prepared exclusively from the most fresh and qualitative products move.
  5. Supplying of maximally pleasant rest of each lodger — is our prime purpose. Each hotel is supplied all needed for pleasant leisure of any customer.
  6. Room rate of any class is not overestimated and corresponds afforded living conditions.
  7. For constant customers the system of discounts and bonuses is developed, due to which visitors with pleasure stay in the hotels of our chain over and over again.

All these specifications are united under uniform mark of quality of the HOTEL MARTON chain. Nevertheless it does not mean that all hotels of Krasnodar entering this chain, are resembling on top of one another. Each hotel possesses its own and unique charm, due to which even the circle of constant customers regularly visiting Krasnodar is formed.

Who Can Be Happy and Free in HOTEL MARTON?

Uniqueness of the arrangement of our hotel chain is that we supply comfort and convenience for any travellers, from what by the purpose and to what time you did not arrive to our city.

Budget hotels in Krasnodar of HOTEL MARTON chain with opportunity of location allow easily to provide by housing and care of people in missions, having a rest tourists and transit travellers.

What for other hotels is problem, in “HOTEL MARTON” — is a competitive advantage, just as rooms cost.

Are you transit in Krasnodar? HOTEL MARTON will provide safety and comfort!

Our and hotels of Krasnodar lie in the immediate vicinity of railway station and airport (on the average 10 minutes on foot) that allows to be quiet and insured from late attendance.

Even a few hours carried out in Marton’s hotel chain, allow to evaluate hospitality of our city. And may be to following trip you will stay for a while at us more well.

Are you away on business? What Krasnodar hotels will provide comfort at a low price?

We offer placement to choice, depending on area necessary to you. These inexpensive hotels of Krasnodar are the most close to traffic intersections of the city, their arrangement will allow quickly and without problems to achieve up to any place in Krasnodar.

For convenience of choice we offer 4 view of apartments — “Standard”, “Business class”, “Junior Suite” and “Senior Suite”. Rooms are granted both for one person and with for two people placement.

Perfect period of leave: the hotels of Krasnodar HOTEL MARTON for tourists

Villas HOTEL MARTON are intended for normal placement of tourists with any enquiries to quality of the hotel, whether be it cheap Krasnodar hotels or variants more costly placement. Given category of hotels in spite of democratic price label can compete quite worthy and with more magnificent suites. All that it is necessary to the person on rest is presented more than in full on any of our villas.

The personnel defines all — face of HOTEL MARTON

Certain pride and constant care of the administration of Marton’s hotel chain — is our employees. Special program of training and incentives of workers of our hotels gives its results. Skilful combination of unostentatious service and high-qualification — is visiting card of our specialists. Krasnodar hotels cheaply hand in many companies, but here the very few can be proud by their personnel.

Our guests will have to not search for administrators and maids all over lanes and alleys, as sometimes happens in other hotels. At us never happens of staff shortage — preparation program is built in such a manner that employees know features of each our hotel in Krasnodar. Such approach guarantees excellent service at any circumstances and the most compact settling of the hotel.

Comfort of our hotels and additional services

Cosy rooms, modern furniture and finishing, daily cleaning — is the standard of any hotel of Krasnodar of the Marton’s hotel chain. In each of them there is a cafe in which always to services of our guests
wide choice of fresh and inexpensive breakfasts, dinners and suppers. Order a meal to room as well very simply — it is enough lift the receiver and to inform of your intention.

Attention! A series of our hotels is famous for by the dishes from own chief cooks.

We try to do the utmost so that Krasnodar hotels which belong of our chain presented to the guests only a good mood.

The system of advanced registration in the Marton’s hotel chain

Tourist season always introduces correction to presence of empty seats in hotels, particularly if those are inexpensive Krasnodar hotels. Not to get to such tourist trouble, it is worth to reserve room beforehand. It is possible to make it both by the bell on dispatching service or straight to hotel and sending an e-mail. Our employees will operatively answer all questions and will reserve room necessary to you.

Given service was entered specially for convenience of guests of our city. But you always can drive up and bluntly: even if with rooms will be difficult, all of us anyway will help you – when available whole hotel network, is hard to turn out without roof above head. Our employees will find all possible variants of placement in our hotels of Krasnodar for you.

Hotels, Krasnodar, free time

Excellent arrangement of any the complexes related to the Marton’s hotel chain, will allow to spend time it interesting and with benefit, getting acquainted with city sights. Convenient foot pathes, plenty of parks and squares — Krasnodar is affable to own inhabitants and likes guests very much.

The amateurs of museums can descend on excursion to historian-archaeological museum-reserve was named after E. Felitsyn, to art museum was named after F. Kovalenko, Literary museum of Kuban or to Memorial museum-apartment of People’s Artist of the USSR – G. Ponomarenko.

To whom closer not spiritual food, widely the doors of numerous cafe and the restaurants of our cosy city are flung open. Club life of Krasnodar also will not disappoint tourists and holidayers. To establish new acquaintances, to lead evening “with zest” — the Kuban hospitality always at a height.

And sea and mounting skiing resorts we will not describe — you will arrive and check independently!

Conclusion: our warranties

Choosing cheap hotels of the Marton’s hotel chain in Krasnodar, you will receive all necessary documents for reporting purposes in your accounts department. Even if they will get lost, we will send duplicate copies by the mail (such cases were in our practice).

You will never pay more previously stated price — we for fair and transparent financial attitudes. You will meet same reasonable approach in our cafe and in the leisure centres.

If on some reason you have frictions with the hotels personnel — request immediately to contact administration. For us words “customer is always right” — is work norm. Analysis of similar incidents (while not often, but they happen) is led carefully and impartial.

Numerous recalls of our guests should serve by sufficient proof of high level of hotel service in HOTEL MARTON.

Excellent price politics, convenient arrangement, modern and cosy atmosphere plus kindliness of our workers — at us you will live, surrounded by care and attention.

If some questions we were not able to clarify, then you will call or write — we will give immediately you answer.

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