Villa San Remo – the best hotel in the constellation Marton

г. Краснодар, ул. Тихорецкая, 43
+7 (861) 274-54-14

Номера от 990 руб./сутки

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Successful arrangement in the city centre of small Villa San Remo hotel – is not the sole advantage, to which it is worth to pay attention to guests of Krasnodar. If you happened on Italian Riviera, then to you will be uneas present yourself cosy cottage to 16-20 rooms with inner yard and swimming pool. Small distinction is just that this hotel enters Marton hotels chain and is intended for not demanding tourists who does not need regalia of rooms, stars above entrance and chic service.

«Standard» from Marton – your accessible comfort

Fourteen rooms in the Villa San Remo hotel relate to the «standard» level. They consist of one room where there is shower-bath, toilet, refrigerator, TV, split system. Stylish, modern interiors of the reception zone, residential accommodations, billiard room and swimming pool gladden eye and create a pleasant comfort atmosphere. The premises in the hotel are decorated by the furniture in classical style with prevalence of dark leather and drapery but without chic wall-paper, candelabrums and lusters. Rooms of the «standard» class in guidebooks represent by three letters STD.

Hotel Marton offers an accessible residing in its hotels for common rather, modest people who arrived to Krasnodar to mission or on other reasons which will stay here no more than 7-10 days. Specialists advise to recognise the level of any hotel on the living of the «standard» class. It has been argued that it is the exponent of hotel service as a whole.

Increased comfort – «semilux» rooms on the Villa San Remo

Two rooms of «semilux» refer to increased comfort. They more spacious, decoration are richer here, equipped better by the furniture and decor subjects, have an excellent type from windows. By the elements of increased comfort we consider bed KingSize original form, leather furniture, sometimes Jacuzzi instead of shower cubicle, more expensive mark of the perfumery in the bath. Insignificant distinction in the payment of the housing accommodation «standard» and «semilux» does a hotel comfort accessible for many.

The best Krasnodar hotel offers these variants to the newly-married couples for honeymoon or married couples which arrived to our city to rest. This category is chosen by the foreigners and compatriots appreciating comfort and wishing feel at home when leaving.

Independently of the class of the room, granting of some kinds of services is guaranteed: free Wi-Fi, television, telephone, towels, dressing gowns, bathroom supplies and so forth. Free lunches, service, execution of leisure is as well equally.

Book your rooms on the Villa San Remo – and you will become our constant guests!

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