Villa Marton – comfortable place in Marton’s hotels family

г. Краснодар, ул. Тихорецкая, 45
+7 (861) 254-28-48

Номера от 1390 руб./сутки

Get qualitative residing and service in Krasnodar inexpensively is proposes you by Villa Marton. It is one of the hotel chain which are known and popular in Krasnodar Krai.

Small villa of European kind is located in the city centre. It is convenient for:

  • tourists who arrived to Krasnodar to rest – walking distance of all sights, trade and entertaining establishments;
  • travelling people who it is important get on negotiations, business lunches, to airport or railroad station.

Cosy three-storied hotel is optimized for residing in 14 rooms of the “standard” class and in 2 rooms “semilux” of guests and city residents which were accustomed to rest comfortably and inexpensively.

Convenient hotel atmosphere

Single and double rooms in the hotel Villa Marton planed by the designers up to trifles:

  • You will cannot find not one room, resembling to adjacent, and stylish interiors beginning with hotel vestibule and finalising by rest rooms and cafe, appear excellently.
  • The furniture is chosen predominantly to classical style, slightly of eclecticism and rapid High Tech. Abundance of leather splendid sofas and dark wood, volumetric draperies of textiles, scattered illumination and spacious beds conducive to relaxation. Inner yard with swimming pool is paved by ceramics tile and planted by blue spruces – perfect nook of European Riviera which adds glamour for this hotel, in spite of its low level.

About comfort and increased comfort

Than class “semilux” is different from “standard”? Hotel rooms more roomier, the ornamental finishing more diverse and prestigious, here are carefully selected furniture and decor subjects. To the elements of increased comfort appertain bed of generous size and round form decorated by forged elements and leather relates. Shower cubicle here frequently is replaced by spacious Jacuzzi, in the bathroom there is the perfumery (gels, shower mousses, shampoos, creams) of more dear mark. Difference in pay “standard” and “semilux” room is insignificant but for travelling people and youth frequently is played by the role in choice.

Independently of the class of residing we guarantee:

  • free lunches;
  • regular shift of clothes and cleaning in the rooms;
  • free line Wi-Fi and telephone;
  • TV and mini-bar.

Hotel Marton is an optimum variant for people who arrived to Krasnodar for any reasons or travelling people which plan to stay here no more of the week.

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