Отель Мартон Стачки

Отель Мартон


  • пр-т. Стачки, 107
  • Аэропорт: 11 км
  • Вокзал: 12 мин, 5,3 км
Отель Мартон Сказка

Отель Мартон Сказка


  • ул. Красных Зорь 117
проспект Шолохова, 173

Отель Мартон


  • пр-т. Шолохова, 173

Отель Вилла Рио


  • пр-т. Шолохова, 132/1

Отель Вилла Дона


  • ул. Варфоломеева, 174

Отель Вилла Диего


  • улица Плиева, 65
Отель улица Седова

Отель по улице


  • улица Седова

Отель по улице


  • ул. Текучева, 161

Отель Вилла Росса


  • пр-т. Ленина, 237/38

Отель по улице


  • ул. Тургеневская, д.18

Being going to distant mission or on vacation, you involuntary meet with the problem of location own future residing. Because the hotel on a few days or weeks will become your house in which want to feel like cosily, confidently and also to avoid stress and discomfort.
What hotels of Rostov-on-Don are better to choose?
Even if you inveterate amateur of travels and are very unpretentious in private life, unlikely you will colonize the first available hotel, previously not gather information. You for certain are worried by the questions:

  • How convenient will be located my hotel? Is it difficult will get from it to work place or to cultural centre?
  • Will I myself be able to achieve quickly up to hotel? In fact I do not know city, and taxi is costly.
  • And still necessarily Internet necessary – because both on rest and in mission without it to get along.

Already on this place you can stay and to take breath.

Rostov-on-Don hotels of the Marton’s hotel chain – your best choice

  • All hotels of our chain are located in view of availability of the main transport mains. You can choose hotel located in the city centre or closer to that area where you plan to conduct more time. In any case moving on city will not deliver disadvantage. If you arrived to city on your own machine, it can be left on covered parking which is in each hotel.
  • If you want to book a transfer or clarify the cost, contact the hotel. The hotel’s contact details can be found on the booking confirmation, which you will receive at the email address given at the time of booking.
  • Internet recently became the most important communication channel. In all hotels at your service Wi-Fi that will allow to keep abreast events and not to change to one’s habits away from house.

Frugally, but con gusto

Before person who arrived to Rostov-on-Don question stands, in what hotel to stay. What hotel can offer a de-luxe and inexpensive room? And just hotel is not very big without long corridor and noisy neighbours. Will I be able to eat directly in the hotel? It is just as well, all questions are authorized themselves by themselves in our hotels.

The most important our advantage – is reasonable price

  • The room of the category “standard” will cost to you only to 990 roubles per day. It is possible, you are disquieted by such figures and you expect dirty trick? Don’t bother. Low prices and high quality of service – is our politics.
  • Any room will gladden you by cleanliness and comfort. “Cheaply” – does not mean “nonde-luxe”. Rooms are finished in constrained golden-beige tones. Convenient modern furniture, original drapes and the pictures on walls add to the premises of lived-in and home kind. Numbers are equipped by modern air condition system, TV-LCD panel. At your service refrigerator and mini-bar. All convenience are located in the room, and beside shower booth always fresh loop towels and cosmetic accessories. Hair drier you too will have to not carry from house.
  • All hotels of Rostov-on-Don are located in small modern buildings. On each storey only a few rooms are located, therefore neighbours you will have a little.
  • Each hotel has its restaurant either cafe, where you can have breakfast before working day or it is pleasant to conduct evening. Diverse menu and qualitative service will become on taste to the most exacting lodger.
  • Lunch can be ordered to room. Meal as well and drinks will bring according to your desire during day. The bottle of champagne to the room of newly-married couples or holiday dessert to the one whose name day with pleasure will be delivered by room-service.

And where to descend then?

Each city is rich by the sights. Therefore even if you arrived to Rostov-on-Don for one’s job, you are simply obliged to give a few hours to acquaintance with city.

  • Walk on Big Sadovaia street or choose most beautiful city quay for walking.
  • Visit Botanical garden which assembled on own territory more than 1600 kinds of tropical plants.
  • Evaluate beauty of ancient villas and modern fountains which so much on the city territory.
  • Get acquainted with amusing Hawker monuments and Rostov water pipe.
  • Visit on performance one of remarkable Rostov theatres.
  • Visit unique Museum of railway equipment, where it is possible to travel around the city on present retro-train.

You hear for the first time about all these sights? Our affable managers will consult you and with pleasure will help in acquisition of tickets to concerts and performances.

All people are not the same
Each lodger has of the hotel have one’s habits. Somebody from them dreams most of all after day of work to relax in the sauna, and somebody – to watch TV lying on bed in his room. The ones and the others can be quiet – a television are equipped at all rooms. And sauna, not even one, there is in each hotel. Hot room and swimming pool, Jacuzzi, rest room and billiards will make your residing in our hotels storing and pleasant.

If wished you can be located in hotel de luxe suite with smart bed and upholstered furniture. But also any standard room will provide you home comfort and excellent service.

If necessary (for example, if you decided to pass away a few hours pending of the train or plane) you can conduct in the hotel just a little time paying from 160 roubles for each hour of your stay. To take a break and take shower in cosy atmosphere — is excellent alternative to stuffy waiting room.

To book the room in any hotel of Rostov-on-Don convenient through Uniform booking service, where you will be helped to be oriented on the hotel location, will answer arisen questions and will explain all necessary.

Once staying in any our hotels, you appreciate hearty welcome and high skill of attendants, home comfort and modern rooms interior, high level of service. You sincere atmosphere of our restaurant, good kitchen, diverse menu will be memorised. You will find all in one place – rest and entertainment, opportunity to work and to relax, understanding of your needs and intention to help. You will not be disappointed and in following arrival to Rostov-on-Don before you question will not stand – which hotel to reserve.

Choosing Rostov-on-Don hotels of the Marton’s hotel chain, you choose

  • best prices,
  • comfortable rooms,
  • convenient arrangement in any part of the city,
  • round-the-clock service.

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