Hotel Villa Rossa

г. Ростов-на-Дону, пр-т. Ленина, 237/38
+7 (863) 211-11-77

Номера от 1490 руб/сутки

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Вилла Росса в Ростове-на-Дону

Hotel “Villa Rossa” in Rostov-on-Don is allocated advantageously against a background of other hotels to a large extent due to favourable location (Lenin avenue, 237/38) enabling easily and to get quickly to any other area of the city. But it is not the sole advantage of the hotel, as one more important advantage is rooms comfortableness, in which it is pleasant to be throughout rather long term. Besides on the territory of the hotel “Villa Rossa” is located parking, therefore lodgers who arrived to Rostov-on-Don on personal transport, can be sure of his integrity.

To provide oneself by comfortable suites, it is enough to call and to reserve a necessary room for oneself. Call and we will not only reserve him for you, but also will answer your questions!

Rooms and service

Hotel “Villa Rossa” offers to its lodgers an extensive choice among 24 rooms of various complete set. Among them to your attention 22 rooms of the “STD” category and 2 rooms of the “De luxe” category are presented.

In the apartments of the “STD” category you are expected by comfortable conditions supplied by presence of the TV, refrigerator and split system. For your convenience choice of variant of the organisation of sleeping accommodation – either 2 single beds or 1 double is offered. In the bathroom you will be able to take advantage of a shower cubicle, as well as you will be supplied by the set of terry towels, the set of cosmetic products and hairdrier.

The apartments of the “De luxe” category represent a more spacious accommodation equipped apart from all of the same by the set of convenient furniture: by two easy chairs, coffee table and pouf for legs.

Besides settling in any the rooms, you can take advantage of room-service and a free wireless Internet. Quality of service and convenient housing conditions are what we are proud deservedly.






Any lodger of the hotel “Villa Rossa” can order breakfast to room, which is especially convenient allowing for the fact that it is included to cost of accomodation.

During day you can visit a cosy cafe on the hotel territory and to take pleasure not only from taste of sent dishes, but also from pleasant establishment atmosphere. Diversity of menu includes both hot dishes and snacks, therefore you will easily choose suitable variants for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Entertainment and rest

Hotel “Villa Rossa” in Rostov-on-Don is located convenient for the organisation of leisure, interesting to any lodger. For example, presence of transport junction will allow you nearby to achieve quickly to city centre either any other area, in order to see sights interesting you, as well as to visit any cafe, restaurant, shopping and leisure center or museum. Besides within a relatively short distance is situated Ostrovskogo Park of Culture and Rest is, where you will be able to take pleasure by silence during hiking.

If you got tired and you do not wish to depart anywhere, then to relax and to restore forces it is possible in one of two hammam located on the hotel territory. Go to hammam, take a bath with Jacuzzi and excellent state of health to you is supplied!

Hotel “Villa Rossa” with gladness will accept all guests. Nevertheless, we advise to reserve to you room in advance that it would be very easy to make. Contact us on telephone number specified on this page, and we will reserve necessary suites for you.

The rooms of the “STD” category:

  • double bed or two separately worth beds
  • two easy chairs and pouf
  • coffee table
  • TV
  • refrigerator
  • split system
  • shower cubicle
  • hairdryer
  • terry towels set
  • cosmetic accessories set
  • room-service
  • WIFI

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