The HOTEL MARTON chain – cheap and cozy Volgograd hotels

The HOTEL MARTON chain hotels in Volgograd provide high quality in solving problems faced by traveler with a fixed budget for accommodation while making a journey or a business-trip. We guarantee you’ll be able:

  • To book hotel in Volgograd at a reasonable price and have high-quality interior and furnishing of the rooms along with the excellent services.
  • To be absolutely quite about the safety of your personal belongings in the room and your car in the hotel parking. Tight security and attentive hotel staff take care about our guests’ possessions.
  • To have a good rest before the next day. The location of our hotel was initially chosen away from noisy neighbors.

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MARTON Rokossovskogo

MARTON Rokossovskogo

  • ул.Рокоссовского, 55
  • Аэропорт: 28 мин, 16 км
  • Вокзал: 4 мин, 1,5 км
MARTON Cherepovetskaya

MARTON Cherepovetskaya

  • ул.Белоглинская, 40 а
  • Аэропорт: 32 мин, 21 км
  • Вокзал: 11 мин, 5,6 км
Отель Мартон ул. Профсоюзная

Marton Palace

  • ул. Профсоюзная, 34
  • Аэропорт: 20 мин, 15 км
  • Вокзал: 11 мин, 5,6 км

Villa Sancho

  • ул. Профсоюзная, 34а
  • Аэропорт: 20 мин, 15 км
  • Вокзал: 11 мин, 5,6 км


The HOTEL MARTON chain hotels in Volgograd were built for budget conscious travelers. But the rooms are modern and extremely comfortable. Our fair prices are reached due to providing all the necessary services to travelers. The basic service package has been composed in such a way to cover all travelers’ priority needs, not exceeding average budget level. However, on requests of our visitors we provide for additional services in leisure, household and catering.

Free services at our hotels in Volgograd

All Volgograd hotels belonging to the HOTEL MARTON chain ensure:

  • Free breakfast served to your room on request. The breakfast time is long lasting enough to serve early risers as well as late sleepers.
  • Free Wi-Fi. It’s hard to imagine high-quality room-service without access to the Internet. We guarantee free Wi-Fi zone in the entire hotel including all of the rooms.
  • Free secure parking for hotel residents. For the city guests coming by private car there are free secure parking places at our budget hotels in Volgograd. Your car will be under 24-hour strong supervision.

Any business class room at HOTEL MARTON chain includes soft beds, shower cabin, modern TV set, wardrobes, fridge and bedside tables. The hotel staff provides household services on request.

Customer reviews:

Thanks to the owner for cozy hotel and wisely selected staff! While staying in Volgograd with the children we felt at home at Marton Cherepovets!!! It’s clean and homey. Special thanks to the girls: the hotel manager Svetlana and maids Zhanna and Nina.

– Marianna, Moscow
Marton Cherepovets

We stayed at the Marton Hotel for three days. It’s a wonderful place! The room is clean and cozy and has all the necessary things for comfortable staying: TV set, Wi-Fi, fridge, split-system, comfy bed with good mattresses and pillows. The room is quite, there is no any street or internal noise. Very friendly staff and good service. Special thanks to the hotel chef Helen for the food in cafe – it tastes really good. I was most delighted by the chicken dish. It’s been a pleasure to stay at the hotel, thanks for warm-welcome. We’re going to stay at this hotel once again the next time when visiting Volgograd.

– Yana, Moscow
Marton Cherepovets

Additional services at our budget hotels in Volgograd

Whatever the price range, all Volgograd hotels do their best to ensure as much as possible additional services. Sharing such attitude to the hotel business management, the HOTEL MARTON chain provides the next quality services at reasonable prices:

  • Excellent sauna, Russian bath and hammam. Mankind has not invented better rest than the steam bath after hard and busy day. The HOTEL MARTON chain guests are only to choose the preferred kind of SPA procedures.
  • The poolroom in sauna is to brighten up the leisure time with your friends.
  • Together with your friends you can have a cheap and tasty meal at the restaurants located in our hotels’ buildings.
  • 24 hour room service for lunch and dinner is available to let you spending time out of sight.

Our prices for the additional services are quite moderate and affordable for the budget conscious travelers. However, the hotel’s management maintains the service quality at high level and keeps it under the strict control.

Note: As our budget hotels offer Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam and Russian bath of your choice, you can also taste an authentic cuisine and drinks according to the national color from our chefs at the cafe.

The Hotel Marton chain hotels in Volgograd – comfortable transport links

Cheap hotels in Volgograd usually make up for inconvenient location by low prices for rooms and services. While keeping parity among low prices the HOTEL MARTON chain doesn’t have such inconveniences: the public links are two minutes away from hotels.

The separate topic is checking out. If you travel light it will be simple to you to get to the railway station from our hotels in Volgograd. Depending on the hotel location the distance is 1.5 – 6 km and you can get there by public transport or simply walk. But if you have a lot of luggage and leave the city by air, you might need a taxi. You can order it just from your room or at the reception.

Pay attention: Sometimes it happen that our guests have difficulties with estimating the time and exceed the time limit. Feel free to call the reception in such cases – we’ll provide a car to take you to any point of Volgograd. You don’t have to pay for this but thus you’ll save a lot of time.

Easy booking rooms at budget Volgograd hotels

Those guests of the city on the Volga River who have already stayed at our cozy and comfortable rooms don’t type the keywords like “Volgograd economy hotels” or “budget hotels Volgograd” into a search engine. They just call 8 800 777 21 55 (calls are free in Russia!).

Write down our number – you are always welcome here and we’ll provide you the most pleasant experience while staying at our high-quality and budget hotels in Volgograd. For the comfort of internet users our portal provides feedback via e-mail –, which is regularly monitored. We’ll answer your questions in a few hours. On our future visitor’s request we’ll call back to the specified phone number.

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