Отель Мартон ул. 20-лет ВЛКСМ

Отель 20-лет ВЛКСМ


  • ул. 20-лет ВЛКСМ
  • Вокзал: 4 мин 1,5 км
  • В 5-ти мин. ходьбы открыты различные кафе и рестораны

Скоро открытие

  • ул. 45-ой стрелковой дивизии

Voronezh hotels in which Marton’s hotel chain comfortably receives city visitors differ by following advantages:

  • Marton’s hotels in Voronezh — are new buildings designed and constructed in the standards format of European hospitality.
  • Single system of training and preparations of the personnel allows to maintain the reputation of supporting of our lodgers on high level.
  • Complete basis package in Voronezh hotels of Marton chain achievable at the price of any guest of our city.

Additional services in the MARTON hotels chain in Voronezh save forces of business travelers and tourists. Convenient arrangement of our hotels allows to save also the time of city guests – it is possible to achieve up to the central junctions of Voronezh, business centres and offices very quickly.

Types of rooms in HOTEL MARTON hotels in Voronezh

Being the hotels of new type with high service standard, but inexpensive cost of residing, Marton hotels in Voronezh offer to the travellers both base “numbers of economy class” and De Luxe.

In regards to numbers design of our hotels and hotels in Voronezh will suit both to the adherents of classical style and the admirers of more bright atmosphere.

As well with taste finished other premises of our hotels — reception, cafe, sauna, rest-rooms, lifts and hotel corridors.

Essential and additional services of Marton hotels in Voronezh

European service already long ago associates with determined minimum of services. Marton’s hotels in Voronezh fully comply level and offer to their guests:

  • Continental breakfast.
  • Free parking and free Wi-Fi.
  • Daily room cleaning and resupply of sanitary means.
  • Numbers with air conditioning equipment, mini-bars, refrigerators and modern TV.
  • To additional services which can be in demand both by the people in mission and tourists, relate:

    • Tickets reservation on the plane and railway transport.
    • The organisation of excursions.
    • The organisation of rest in our improving centre.
    • Arrangements for feeding of guests in the cafe and in the numbers of hotels “Marton”.

    Our employees will always help by visitors to a hotel both particular business and kindly advice, if question is out of the hotel competence.

    Recalls of our customers


    Convenient arrangement of the hotel, fitting-out of each number all necessary (at different times I stayed in the numbers of different class), there is Wi-Fi and plenty of other pleasant trifles. All of this against a background of excellent service of the personnel of the hotel “Marton’s hotel 20 years of AULYCL” makes a excellent impression exclusively!

    – – Alexander, Murom, 04.08.2016

    I am very glad that I stopped here, when I was detached to Voronezh. Good prices, pleasant service, cosy number, convenient arrangement of the hotel relatively the key city points – all simply on best level. Next time I will stay again here.

    – Dmitry, Veliky Novgorod, 09.11.2016

    We arrived with husband on his affairs and settled in the nearest hotel to mission work, it turned out “Marton’s hotel 20 years of AULYCL”. We were impressed comfort and cleanliness en-suite and opportunity to spend time well. Work of the personnel and his attitude to the clientages and to their necessities impressed too. In the common, all it is simply perfect!

    – Valentina, Izhevsk, 15.12.2016

    The hotel makes impression already by its appearance, not saying about hall decor. Rooms atmosphere gladdened too, all very beautifully and functionally. There is, where to rest and things to do. I stopped here a few times and each time only positive impressions.

    – Mark, Yekaterinburg, 7.01.2017

    Room reservation and customer reviews about Marton’s hotels in Voronezh

    You can receive an independent evaluation of our hotels and personnel in Voronezh addressing to testimonials of “Marton” in Voronezh on websites-mashup of hotels. As a whole, testimonials fully comply reality and we are grateful to our guests for their unindifference to our work, including critical remarks. We necessarily analyze gaps with hotels personnel.

    If you plan to arrive in Voronezh to mission or you wish to visit our city with tourist purposes, then for number reservation call either to reception of chosen hotel or take advantage of Marton single number – 8 800 777 21 55 (calls are free in Russia).

    In any variants of your appeal you will receive qualified consultation on prices, choice of the numbers of residing and other questions which are important for person in trip. Do not hesitate, ask boldly and confidently. Marton in Voronezh, as in other cities, always stands guard of interests of one’s guests. We work that to you it be comfortably and convenient!

        8 800 777 21 55


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