If for travel little time is allocated, do not spend its vainly – choose hotels close to FC Krasnodar. You will not invent the best landmark! Close residing allows to the city visitors to be adapted quickly and to find necessary addresses without effort. Grandiose stadium impresses by stylish architecture and gripping shows, and Marton hotel chain guarantees a worthy service.

The nearest hotels close to FC Krasnodar

It is not necessary to be inveterate fan, in order be delighted at new football complex. Almost 35 thousand spectators can enjoy fascinating matches of the levels of FIFA and UEFA, being in zone of absolute comfort:

  • All sitting areas have an infrared heating, they excellent are highlighted and protected by the roof.
  • The excitement heats huge Media Screen which was spreaded on all perimeter of the stadium. 4700 square metres present a total immersing to the atmosphere of the match.
  • Football field with adjustable operating temperature, excellent illumination and forced aeration supplies perfect conditions for victory to the football players.
  • 2000 parking spaces and round-the-clock illumination do stadium visiting convenient.

From September 2016 a new football stadium became the largest city object of interest, therefore 80% of the tourists aspire to reserve hotel close to FC Krasnodar. You wish not only to see a grandiose football arena, but also to rest completely after saturated day? Come to Marton hotels!

Can-do approach: to reserve hotel close to FC Krasnodar

The Marton hotel chain consists of four establishments with service of three-stars level. The each branch office corresponds European concept of business class and Russian apparition of inexpensive rest. The establishments have stylish design, are furnished in high standards and located convenient.

Inexpensive and comfortable hotels close to FC Krasnodar:

  • «Amigo» – 2 kilometres (5 minutes of ride, 25 minutes by walking step);
  • «Pashkovskiy» – 7 kilometres (15 minutes by the auto, 40 minutes on foot);
  • «Turgeneva» – 7,5kilometres (17 minutes by the transport, 50 minutes on foot);
  • «Severnaya» – 8 kilometres (20 minutes by the auto, 1 hour on foot).

The guests of the city which adore football and book hotel exclusively in the period of large tournaments, aspire to live as close as possible to the stadium. Inveterate fans fall in love to “Amigo” hotel after the first night carried out in one of hotel rooms.

You arrived to city on business and you want to live closer to the station? Book your room in one of the family Marton hotels – “Turgeneva” or “Severnaya” that are in 8-10 minutes of ride from station. Are you frequently fly to city? In 7 minutes from airport you are waited for by well-groomed and light rooms of “Pashkovskiy” hotel complex.

Price conformity to service in the hotels of Krasnodar

What does the cost comfortable rest in Krasnodar hotels? At a low price, if to stay in one of the establishments of the Marton hotel chain. Lodgers have opportunity to remove standard (business class) and improved (lux) rooms.

Budget choice of rest

Daily residing in “Amigo” and “Pashkovskiy” hotels stands inexpensively – rooms from 990 roubles are accessible. Lodgers guaranteed receive kindly attitude of the employees, spacious rooms with necessary furniture and technique, convenient parking and wireless Internet.

  • «Marton Amigo»

Design in the Middle Ages spirit, chic sauna and cafe with tasty meals, as well as vicinity to PervomayPark instantaneously restore forces.

  • «Marton Pashkovskiy»

Rooms in Provence style, two Finnish saunas, close arrangement to the city departure, excellent European kitchen – is an ideal variant for journey and business trips.

Increased comfort

It is possible to conduct day in “Severnaya” and “Turgeneva” hotels from 1290 roubles for room – moderate cost per service of European level.

  • «Marton Turgeneva»

Classical design, rooms of “business” and “lux” classes, chic furniture, daily cleaning, Finnish sauna and opportunity to order services of professional masseur.

  • «Marton Severnaya»

Design in romantic style, convenient double beds with orthopedic matresses, three saunas, swimming pool and billiards.

Trained personnel, spacious rooms, daily cleaning, complex furnishing, total technological infrastructure – you relax until such time as we care for your comfort. It is not necessary to go abroad, in order to take pleasure by service of European level — it is enough to book the room of one of the “Marton” hotels!

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