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Correct selection of the hotel is one of the key moments of successful rest.
HOTEL MARTON offers You to stop in one of comfortable hotels of our chain.

We grant wide choice of hotels for rest or business trips in such cities, as Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad.

  • The best prices and wide choice of hotels for rest and business trips
  • You are waited for by comfy, cosy, pure and light rooms, careful personnel.
  • Cost of the rooms begins from 990 roubles per day and from 160 roubles per hour.

Statement and reservation of flight and railroad tickets

In our hotels you can acquire flight and railroad tickets to all directions on Russia.


Гостиницы Краснодара

Hotels in Krasnodar HOTEL MARTON


Rostov on don

Гостиницы Ростова-на-Дону

Hotels of Rostov-on-don HOTEL MARTON



Гостиницы Волгограда

Hotel Volgograd HOTEL MARTON



Гостиницы Воронежа

Voronezh hotels HOTEL MARTON


Nizhny Novgorod

Гостиницы Нижнего Новгорода

Hotels of Nizhny Novgorod HOTEL MARTON



Гостиницы Калининграда

The hotel Kaliningrad HOTEL MARTON


As it is known, for receipt of pleasant impressions from one or another trip it is necessary to pay attention to huge amount of various nuances: acquisition of tickets to the point of destination, the collection of necessary official documents before departure, preliminary visiting schedule coordination of determined events – each of these factors has a direct influence to success of any travel in business purposes or trips with intention to rest. But nevertheless, exactly selection of the hotel is the most important moment at visiting of unfamiliar city, indeed from quality of the conditions of temporary residing and degree of service in subsequent days will depend your mood.

We offer you to visit comfortable hotels of known Marton’s hotel chain which are popular in the cities of south end of Russia.

Our hotels correspond high European standards, hence on totals of the visit you are expected just by pleasant reminiscences.

We believe that from specificity of design interior decoration each of afforded guest rooms much depends. For the first time visiting unfamiliar city, the person at once is tormented by the idea about comfort and de-luxe atmosphere of home suites, and therefore on a trip natural intention arises to receive the living conditions which will to full extent correspond those requirements. Applying correct approach to creation of the interior of each room of our hotels, we managed on maximum to optimize local atmosphere.

In hotels chain wide choice of de-luxe rooms!

In the hotels of the Marton’s hotel chain close attention is paid to each of suites design element, whether be it furniture production, sanitary technician or alternatively electric devices of household necessity. We use furniture exclusively of high quality from checked manufacturers having reliability and functionality. Our customers receive opportunity to use modern home appliances from leading world companies. The set of these factors promoted creation extraordinarily of de-luxe atmosphere in every guest room.

High level of service

Our hotels differ extremely by high level of room service, as to selection of the personnel we approach with all responsibility. The employees of the hotel pass special training increasing their skill. Due to it we always manage to support a magnificent condition of all present rooms. Our workers are familiar with rules of decorum and therefore you will be never disturbed on insignificant reason, as it can spoil both personal plans and business negotiations management.

At formation of preliminary reservation of liking room our employees will inform you all the most important nuances concerning hotel accommodation. Selection suite of rooms will be implemented exclusively based on your individual wishes and additional requirements. Using such complex approach to search of optimal guest room we manage pleasingly to surprise each of arriving lodgers.

We are guided by main principles which allow to reach positive results practically in any situation. Our main purpose is a gradual development, and consequently and improvement of work of each of the hotels. Aspiring to receive a positive recall from each of the customers we try to take into account all received remarks and to undertake the appropriate measures on their elimination.

Beauty and comfort of HOTEL MARTON hotels on reasonable prices!

For a rather long period of hotels chain functioning we managed to create a peculiar mechanism of expert work promoting improvement of afforded living conditions without sharp services appreciation. Price politics of our hotels really astonishes by its availability, and therefore opportunity to locate at our place for a few days could be taken advantage of practically by any wanting businessman or tourist.

To date the chain of our hotels extended on the territory of Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd and Voronezh. In each of these perfect cities you hearty will be accepted by cultural employees of one of our hotels. Average cost of classical suites will hesitate in the area from 990 roubles per day, however variants with hourly payment (from 160 roubles for hour) of residing are admitted as well.

If you please, we offer you it is guaranteed to receive pleasant impressions from scheduled trip at a moderate charge. Friendly, cosy, chic atmosphere of one of our rooms already expects you. Not miss this unique chance enabling pleasingly to spend time even in unfamiliar city!

Если Вы гражданин другого государства или хотите пригласить иностранного гостя в Россию, Вам понадобится визовая поддержка от нашего отеля. По вопросу оформления визовой поддержки Вы можете обратиться к менеджеру по бронированию сети отелей Мартон: Останина Ирина Владимировна.

  • Стоимость приглашения на человека 1000 руб.
  • Оплата Visa, MasterCard
  • Моментальное подтверждение

Вы также можете получить визовую поддержку:

Friendly, cosy, pure and light rooms, careful personnel.
From 990 roubles per day (from 160 roubles per hour).

Cafe at hotels. Diverse menu and cultural service. Lunch is included to cost of residing.

Saunas, Jacuzzi, billiard table,
plasma display.
From 490 roubles per hour.

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The head of a hotel network
+7 (918) 900-00-06
Marchenko Andrei Vladimirovich

Top Manager Krasnodar
+7 (918) 417-28-20
Timofeyenko Olga Alexandrovna

Manager Rostov-na-Donu
+7 (928) 774-60-10
Kravtsova Yulia Vasilevna

Manager Volgograd
+7 (918) 093-25-27
Yampolsky Alexander Petrovich

Manager Voronezh
+7 (910) 348-23-24
Moiseenko Emilia Vadimovna

Manager Nizhny Novgorod
Semenova Elena Sergeevna

Reservation Department:

Manager of reservations department in Krasnodar
Phone: +7 (918) 253-23-55
Marchenko Anna Vladimirovna

Manager of reservation department in Krasnodar
+7 (928) 208-81-85

Ostanina Irina Vladimirovna

Manager of reservation department in Volgograd
+7 (937) 730-41-41
Abramova Tatyana Anatolevna