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Marton Hotels in Krasnodar

Hotel MARTON North

from 1290 rub/day

Krasnodar, street Northern, 91

34 min

10 min

Hotel MARTON Turgeneva

from 1590 rub/day

Krasnodar, Turgenev street, 19

32 min

8 min

Hotel MARTON Pashkovskiy

from 990 rub/day

Pashkovsky village, Gogol, 42

7 min, 3,8 km

35 min, 12 km


from 990 rub/day

Krasnodar, Russian street, 61/1

28 min, 15 km

16 min, 6 km


from 990 rub/day

Machugi street, 44

9 min, 5 km

25 min, 12 km

Soon the opening of MARTON PALACE

from 1990 rub/day

Mira street 70

25 min., 14 km

5 min., 1 km

MARTON Boutique & Spa

from 2490 rub/day

Krasnodar, Long street, 66

Hotel Villa Mars

from 1490 rub/day

Ural'skaya street, 32

24 min, 10 km

15 min, 6,2 km

Hotel Villa Diaz

from 990 rub/day

ul. Aerodrome, 63

41 min, 17 km

17 min, 5,9 km

Hotel Marton Baden

from 990 rub/day

Krasnodar, Industrial street, 9

37 min, 17 km

8 min, 3,7 km

Hotel Villa Marton

from 1190 rub/day

Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya st., 45

27 min, 11 km

16 min, 6,3 km

Hotel Villa Luna

from 1090 rub/day

Krasnodar, Sormovskaya street, 139

14 min, 5,6 km

25 min, 10 km

Villa San Remo

from 990 rub/day

Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya, 43

28 min, 11 km

16 min, 6,3 km

Sauna "Андрюковские бани"

from 490 rub/day

ул. Тихорецкая, 43

28 min., 11 km

16 min., 6,3 km

Hotel Marton Berlin home

from 2490 rub/day

ul. Krasnykh Partizan, 383

35 min, 19 km

15 min, 6,4 km

Advantages of our hotels

The best prices and a wide range of hotels
for leisure and business trips

The cost of rooms
from 990 rubles per night and from 160 rubles per hour.

You are waiting for comfortable, cozy, clean
and bright rooms, attentive

Checkout and booking
                                     air and railway tickets

Free transfer to hotels

  • Comfortable, cozy, clean and bright rooms,
    helpful staff.

  • Cafe at the hotels. A varied menu and friendly service.
    Breakfast is included in the price.

  • Saunas, jacuzzi, pool table, plasma panel.
    From 490 rubles per hour.

HOTEL MARTON - a network of modern business hotels

As you know, to get a good impression of a particular trip, you need to pay attention to a huge number of different nuances: the purchase of tickets to the destination, the collection of necessary official documents before departure, preliminary agreement on the schedule of visits to certain activities - each of these factors directly affects the success of any travel for business purposes or travel with the intention of relaxing. But still, the selection of the hotel is the most significant moment when visiting an unfamiliar city, because the quality of the conditions of temporary residence and the level of service in the following days will depend on your mood.
We suggest you to visit the comfortable hotels of the famous HOTEL MARTON chain, which are popular in the cities of the South of Russia.

Our hotels differ extremely high level of service of numbers, after all to selection of the personnel we approach with all responsibility. Employees of the hotel are trained to improve their qualifications. Thanks to this, we always manage to maintain the excellent condition of all available rooms. Our employees are familiar with the rules of etiquette, and therefore you will never be disturbed for an unimportant reason, because this can interfere with both personal plans and business negotiations.
When pre-booking a room you like, our staff will tell you all the most important nuances regarding hotel accommodation. The selection of apartments will be based solely on your individual wishes and additional requirements. Using such an integrated approach to finding the most optimal hotel room, we manage to pleasantly surprise each of the arrived guests.
We are guided by the basic principles that allow us to achieve positive results in almost any situation. Our main goal is the gradual development, and consequently the improvement of the work of each of the hotels. In order to obtain positive feedback from each client, we try to take into account all the comments received and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.