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Registration of visas to Russia

Registration of visas to Russia

Making an invitation for a visa to Russia

For a foreign citizen to receive a visa to the Russian Federation, he needs an invitation, which is a confirmation of the admission of a foreigner who wants to visit Russia, and a voucher provided by the hotel. All organizations, including hotels issuing invitations to foreign citizens, must be registered with the Russian Foreign Ministry. 

Visa to Russia for a foreigner begins with a kind of “call”. Visa support for a tourist is based on the presence of several official papers:

  • confirmation from the hotel about the reception of a guest on its territory;
  • travel voucher with a personal number issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs RF

The necessary confirmation is received only after payment for the reservation. Thus, the document is drawn up for the full stay of a person in a particular place, indicating the dates of arrival and departure, a room for accommodation and other information about when and where to find a registered traveler.

Booking a room and paying for the room reservation required to receive an invitation is not sufficient for obtaining a visa. It is necessary to pay for visa support, the cost of which can be from 500 to 2500 rubles. Hotels arrange visa support on the basis of clearly regulated dates of residence in the city where the hotel is located. Thus, a foreign citizen planning a trip to Russia cannot visit several cities, since the Russian consulate provides only one invitation. Please note that when canceling a room reservation, the hotel has the right to both withhold payment and set a fine. 

You can get an invitation for visa, and also receive information about the invitation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, with the help of our highly qualified reservation manager, at the following contacts: 

Iryna Volodymyrivna

The steps for obtaining permission include:

1. Booking a room indicating the exact timing of arrival and departure, as well as full payment of accommodation;

2. Filling out the online application form to receive an official call;

3. Filling out a special form on the website of the same Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicating the data from the invitation received.

It is important to know that the exact procedure for filing documents and the timing of consideration must be clarified in advance at the nearest consulate of the Russian Federation located in the country of residence or residence.