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Вилла Сан Ремо

Villa San Remo

Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya, 43

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from 990 ₽/day

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Rooms and services

The successful location of the small hotel Villa San Remo in the city center is not the only advantage that guests of Krasnodar should pay attention to. If you have been to the Italian Riviera, then you can easily imagine a cozy cottage for 16-20 rooms with a patio and a swimming pool. The only difference is that this hotel is included in the network of hotels in Marton and is intended for travelers who do not need luxuriant decoration of rooms, stars above the entrance and elegant service.

Fourteen rooms in the Hotel Villa San Remo belong to the "standard" level. They consist of one room, where there is a shower, toilet, refrigerator, TV, split-system. Stylish modern interiors of the reception area, living quarters, billiard room and pool are pleasing to the eye and create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort. The rooms in the hotel are decorated with furniture in a classic style with a predominance of dark leather and drapery, but without chic wallpaper, chandeliers and chandeliers. Denote the numbers of the class "standard" in the guidebooks with three letters STD.  

 The network hotel Marton offers affordable accommodation in its hotels to ordinary people who have not come to Krasnodar on business or for other reasons, which will stay here for no more than 7-10 days. Experts advise to recognize the level of any hotel for "standard" housing. It is believed that this is an indicator of the hotel service as a whole.

Two rooms of the "junior suite" class refer to the increased comfort. They are more spacious, the furnishings here are richer, better equipped with furniture and decor items, they have an excellent view from the windows. Elements of increased comfort we consider the original form of KingSize bed, leather furniture, sometimes a Jacuzzi instead of a shower cubicle, a more expensive perfume brand in the bathroom. A slight difference in the payment of housing "standard" and "junior suite" makes hotel comfort affordable for many.

The best hotel in Krasnodar offers these options to newlyweds for honeymoon or couples who come to our city on vacation. This category is chosen by foreigners and compatriots who value comfort and want to feel at home on the road.

Regardless of the class of the room, the provision of certain types of services is guaranteed: free Wi-Fi, TV, telephone, towels, bathrobes, bath accessories and so on. Free breakfasts, service, leisure activities are equally the same.

Book rooms at Villa San Remo - and you will become our regular guests!

Hotel room rates:



ROOM Single occupancy (rubles) Double occupancy (rubles)

Number Single occupancy (rubles) Double occupancy (rubles)
House-keeper number
990  1 180 
DBL Standard № 23, 26, 28
1 190  1 380 
Standard TWIN № 27
1 490  1 680 
Superior DBL № 22, 24, 25, 33, 36
1 490  1 680 
Superior TWIN № 32, 37
1 690  1 880 
Comfort DBL № 34 1 690  1 880 
Junior Suite № 21, 31 1 990  2 180 
Crazy Room № 35 1 690  1 880 

Over 1 person surcharge 190 rubles / day

Breakfast is included.

Number ROOM Double occupancy    
№ 22, 28
190 rub/h
№ 21, 38
290 rub/h
Crazy Room № 35
290 rub/h

Over 2 people surcharge 50 rubles / hour.

* — In case of hourly payment of numbers - more than two people, surcharge 50 rubles per hour per person

Reviews of our guests

Alevtina from Israel

I came to Russia for the first time in 15 years of absence. I did not expect particularly good conditions, especially considering the not-high price for the standard at Villa San Remo. But my sister assured me that she was there herself and was satisfied. I settled quickly, although I arrived too late. I was offered even a late dinner, and then I completely got to know everyone - and lived for fun. Now I know for sure that the network of Marton - great hotels!


Ivan from Saratov

I booked my parents' junior suite - they came to get acquainted with my girl's family. They were pleased with it, and I along with them - a luxurious room for little money, excellent service, just wonderful! There is a swimming pool! And in the summer there generally will be fine - we have just planned a wedding. Because I already know where we will host the guests!


Igor from Yerevan

I often go to Krasnodar, but earlier I chose hotels more and more. And then I decided - I will change the format, I will try this hotel, especially since the MARTON network has been familiar for several years. I must say that I was not disappointed. After business meetings I came to my room, like home. This is a great hotel for your money!



Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya st., 43    


+7 (861) 274-54-14  
+7 (861) 274-54-15