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Отель Вилла Мартон

Hotel Villa Marton

Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya st., 45

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Rooms and services

To get quality accommodation and service in Krasnodar, Villa Marton offers you cheap accommodation. This is one of the network of hotels that are known and popular in the Krasnodar Territory.

A small European-style villa is located in the center of the city. It is convenient for:

1.tourists who came to Krasnodar to relax - the step-by-step accessibility of all attractions, shopping and entertainment facilities;

2.Commanding people who are important to have time for negotiations, business lunches, to the airport or to the train station.

The cozy three-storey hotel is designed for accommodation in 14 rooms of "standard" class and 2 "junior suite" rooms for guests and residents of the city, who are accustomed to rest comfortably and inexpensively.

Single and double rooms in the Hotel Villa Marton are thought out by designers to the smallest detail:

1. You will not find any rooms that look like neighboring, but stylish interiors, from the hotel lobby to the rest rooms and cafes, look great.

2. The furniture is chosen mainly of classical style, a bit of eclecticism and a swift hi-tech. The abundance of leather luxuriant sofas and dark wood, voluminous textile draperies, diffused light and spacious beds set to relaxation. The patio with the pool is paved with ceramic tiles and planted with blue firs - a beautiful corner of the European Riviera, which adds to the hotel elegance, despite its low level.

Price per night:

Check out time is 12:00

Room Single occupancy Double occupancy   
Standart 2 этаж (№ 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27)
1390 rub 1580 rub
Standart  3 этаж (№ 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37)
1490 rub 1880 rub
№21,28,31,А, Б, В, Г
1690 rub 1880 rub
Crazy Room №38
2490 rub 2680 rub

* —More than 1 person - surcharge 190 rubles per person per day.
Breakfast is included in the price

Hourly payment:

Room Double occupancy      
190 rub/h
290 rub/h
290 rub/h
390 rub/h
№ А,Б,В,Г 290 rub/h
Crazy Room №38 390 rub/h

* — In case of hourly payment of numbers - more than two people, surcharge 50 rubles per hour per person

Reviews of our guests

Vyacheslav from Moscow

I came to my mother, she married ... I did not dare to stop at her - I do not really like the chosen one ... But in the hotel I walked away from bad thoughts, relaxed. This helped me look at the situation from a different point of view. My room itself inspired pleasant thoughts, the bed was orthopedic. I'm satisfied!


Agata from Simferopol

I have not been in Krasnodar for a long time, I did not even think that there are such hotels here! Accept, as if you are the president of the country, no less! Everything is so cool - I am very satisfied with staying at this villa. It is immediately evident that the owner of the network knows what he is doing!


Alice from Moscow

I visited Krasnodar with a friendly visit (a joke!) - I came to friends of childhood. Of course, the city has changed a lot. I liked the hotel, there is no "Russian" service and in sight, everything is great. I lived in a suite, a mini-bar, everything - I liked it. Rest in the evenings in Villa Marton was impeccable, no one bothered me. Beauty!



Krasnodar, Tikhoretskaya st., 45     


+7 (861) 254-28-48  
+7 (861) 254-22-40